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Tau-II R Impact Attenuator

Tauiir sq

TAU-II-R™ Reusable Crash Cushions
The Redirective, Non-Gating, Reusable (R-NG-R) TAU-II-R Crash Cushion is designed to meet the requirements of NCHRP Report 350 as a reusable attenuator to protect motorists travelling at speeds up to 110 km/h [70 mph] from hazards as narrow as 700 mm [27”] to 2.6 m [102”] wide. The TAU-II-R Systems uses highly engineered Hyperelastic (HE) Polyurethane Modules that are designed and tested to withstand multiple design capacity head-on impacts before requiring replacement. The TAU-II-R is part of the TAU-II Family so maximum interchangeability between all Systems helps to keep inventory costs down. In addition, the TAUII-R System is designed to be convertible. Any existing Partially Reusable TAU-II (PR) System can be upgraded to a Reusable TAU-II-R System by simply replacing existing cartridges and nose with TAU-II-R Modules and Reusable Nose.

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